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Team Testimonials

Toronto Staff

"It is a great experience working at Hollyburn! 
The head office’s working environment is positive.  My co-workers are very friendly and nice to work with. The accounting team helps me fit into my position as a Property Accountant and we always help each other. The Property Managers are very professional and great. Most importantly, working here allows me to achieve balance among my work, life, and study. We work hard and play hard! I really enjoy working at Hollyburn."
- William, Property Accountant - Head Office

"I've worked for a number of Property Management firms in Vancouver  and can attest to the fact that Hollyburn goes above and beyond in the management/maintenance  of their properties. The company consistently re-invests in the upgrading of their buildings from new roofs, boilers and re-plumbing to upgrading its suites on par with the quality of finishes found in new condominiums. They also have extensive staff training programs and monthly meetings  with all  staff to ensure the properties are being maintained to the highest standards. Teamwork is essential to company success and Hollyburn excels in how its staff works together to ensure its buildings are well maintained and its clients are provided with first class service."
- Kim Hollett, Property Manager -  Head Office

"I have had the pleasure of working for Hollyburn Properties for the last three years. As the manager of their exclusive North Vancouver location, Marlborough Tower, It is a great and desirable location. I am happy to be of service to my tenants. The building has a friendly and family oriented atmosphere with the most respectful tenants who call this home."
- Darryl, Resident Manager - Marlborough Tower

"I would like to commend Hollyburn for their immediate attention to repairs and maintenance. It makes our job easier to know that management will back us up and respond quickly to most any request."

Jack, Resident Manager - Kerrisdale Tower A

"Being a part of this BIG FAMILY is a great feeling. It’s comforting knowing that whatever problems show up someone is always willing to help and give advice. The company has grown a lot in the past years and so did we. Hollyburn invests a lot in its employees and their training. As well as in the tenants suites. It's a great thing having happy tenants around you. But the most amazing thing is the Covenant House Program. Not a lot of people are willing to cut their revenue in order to offer a 5 star suite to someone who wants to start a new life. That's really impressive! I feel that I have grown as a professional and as a person and built my reputation here at Hollyburn. We all put the effort, energy and passion into this job because we want to see a difference in this field. Hollyburn is a company that I'm proud to work for!"
- Walter & Ioana, Resident Managers - Santana

"We have worked for Hollyburn Properties Limited for more than 2 years. This is a great working environment where you can grow at your own pace. We are very proud of the work that we have done here for the last 2 and half years.We started as assistant managers and in a short time were promoted again and again and now we manage 3 buildings. We encourage hard working people to join our Hollyburn team.
- Dusan & Jelena, Resident Managers - Crystal Court

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